Buying a new weekly calendar/planner is a little event that I look forward to each year. I don’t know why, but something about a brand new, fresh annual planner just makes me smile! And gets me all excited to start writing everything down and get organized! For the past three years, I’ve been using the desk planner by Graphic Image. And I love it, I really do, but a part of me wants to try something a little different this time around! And plus, it’s a little heavy for my purse. My good friend Bailey has been using the “MyAgenda” planners for a few years, and I’ve always love the simplicity of it. And Plus, it’s pretty similar to the Graphic Image regarding the layout and structure of the weekly and monthly agendas.

In hopes of helping you make your decision for the best annual agenda for your life/needs, I wanted to pull together some helpful information on a few different planners I’ve heard good things about. I’ve only personally used the Graphic Image planner, but I’ve spoken to a few of my friends and got some pros and cons to help you weigh your decision!

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