A yummy-looking alternative to the usual carb overload pasta: spaghetti squash via Apartment 43 Blog

Typography eye candy via Design Editor

If you’re tweeting out a URL, your tweets just got a bit shorter. Starting [this past] wednesday, any tweet sent with a URL will be reduced to 118 characters, or 117 for https links.

Need an email app specifically designed for an iPad? – check out birdseye mail.

So here’s something to ponder as you wander this weekend…..ever considered working out with your geographically-scattered friends? Imagine an activity-based skype

Can’t help your love for junkfood? The NYT announces a new study that shows the science behind the addiction to junkfood…

Gabrielle discusses and shares her picks for flush mount lighting.

The closed-toe flat I’ve been seeing everywhere.

Fell in love with everything according to TIBI for Spring 2013…they always get it right.

After seeing Cassandra’s post on her idea of a modern Mexican-themed Valentines party, I’m craving a churro.

Wishing it was appropriate to wear this tulle skirt to work….

and how cute is betty (image credit) in this happy weekend image above?!