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With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I’ve been seeing red (and pink!) everywhere.  So naturally, I’ve been a little inspired by it. I’m not one to get overly into Valentines day, but I DO like all the candy and seeing how brands and stores find ways to cater to the holiday.  What are your thoughts on Valentine’s day?

Anyway, I made a little collage of just a few red things on my radar… How cute is that DVF phone case? LOVE. It comes in white (with a red heart) too!  Have any of you ever tried armani lipstick? I have one of their colors and like it, but it kind of smears a little more than I would like. Maybe I need to wear liner? I’m not sure! But what I do like about it is that it has a little more moisture than my other lipsticks. If you’re an armani-lip-lover, please do speak up! I’ve heard GREAT things and am thinking about giving this color above a try!